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01 Tent construction

Husky uses two technical systems for tent construction. The Extreme range is characterized by its outer tent construction, the Outdoor range by its inner tent construction. Both types of construction are combined in some models. The main construction of the Extreme range is formed of duralumin poles laced through outer mesh tunnels. In the Outdoor range the inner tent is bonded to the laminated bearing pole with the help of plastic hooks.

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02 Inner tent

The light inner tent is made from breathable nylon 190T. The floor, made from polyester, varies in the single tent ranges according to the value of the PU coating (6000–10 000 mm/cm2). Highquality double-taped seams guarantee 100% waterproofness. The ingenious bonding of the sleeping space of the tent is guaranteed by a simple system of olive-eyelet (see picture), which dramatically speeds up its construction and packing.

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03 Bearing construction anchorage

Two systems are used to anchor the bearing construction of the tent: for the duralumin construction of the Extreme range a pole - trn system is used (see picture), while for the other types of laminated constructions a buckle system is used. The duralumin weld and the pole-trn guarantee the best possible quality and durability in extreme frosty conditions. This system is an obvious standard for four-season Husky tents.

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04 Taped seams

All seams on the outer shells and inner floors of Husky tents are precisely taped, so that a high level of protection against soaking is guaranted. The branded materials used, together with careful reviewing of production, extend the durability of Husky tents.

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05 Two-way zippers

The use of branded two-way zipppers is a characteristic quality feature of each Husky tent. It makes possible comfortable two-way handling. The entrance into the inner tent is always formed of two layers. The first layer is a traditional nylon outer shell. The second layer, made from mesh, not only serves to improve the breathability qualities, but also provides protection against insects. Both layers can be unzipped separately.

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06 Repair service kit

The repair service kit is a new part of all Husky tent gear. It is always fixed to the inner part of the tent shell. It is useful for minor repairs on the way. A broken pole can be easily repaired or a minor tear can be reliably and quickly sealed. The kit includes a shifted tube to repair a broken pole, glue and pieces of self-adhesive pieces of textile.

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07 Ventilation system

The basic function of the tent ventilation system is the transmission of moisture from the inner part of the tent and reducing the inside temperature of the tent during high summer temperatures. Husky constantly tries to innovate the ventilation system with the help of the broad experience of mountain professionals. Thanks to this, Husky is able to guarantee smooth air circulation in each tent.

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08 Storage net

An integral part of the gear of each Husky tent is a storage net placed in the tent dome or side storage pockets. It is fixed to the inner tent with the help of an olive – eyelet sytem (see picture). This functional detail is an ideal place to store your small stuff (keys, flashlight, etc.)

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09 Detail of Fighter tent construction

Especially for the Fighter tent, the top-level model in the Husky Extreme range, a shortened time-tested system of mesh tunnels was used, supplemented by a fast-drying system of plastic hooks. This technical solution significantly speeds up the connection of the duralumin construction with the outer shell.

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10 Snow collars

Four-season tents in the Husky Extreme range are equipped with rolled-up snow collars. As well as natural protection against snow and rain, their loading gives the tent the better stability during strong winds. When the snow collars are rolled up, the natural air circulation will be increased and simultaneously moisture condensation will be reduced.