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01 Outer pocket

The overall comfort and utility value of Husky sleeping bags is made more pleasant by a series of details. Each structural element used in Husky products has its own reason and logic. One of these little things is an outer pocket for stuff that needs to be all the time at hand – an ideal “depository” for documents, small valuables, etc.

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02 Big husky pocket

The next sophisticated detail which will make your stay outdoors more pleasant is the so-called Husky pocket. It is placed directly below your head on the part of your sleeping bag that lies on the ground. It will provide you with a dry and safe shelter for your clothes and at the same time will serve as a temporary pillow. You can also insert a sleeping mat there (see picture) and thereby prevent the sleeping bag from sliding off the mat while you are asleep.

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03 RipStop material coating

RipStop material coating excel in unique mechanical resistance. Tear resistance is significantly increased by the special ribbing. If, nevertheless, the material does get damaged, the RipStop coating will prevent it from further spontaneous tearing.

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04 Insulated inner collar

The insulated inner collar is a must in almost all Husky sleeping bags (except quilted sleeping bags). It is used to increase their thermal comfort in cold weather. Its handling is very simple. After laying down the sleeping bag, the collar can be tightened up around the shoulders by one-touch adjustment and easily locked with a plastic brake.

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05 Compression sack

The problem with the size of packed sleeping bags is largerly eliminated by the pair of compression tightening straps on the sack. These will help you reduce the volume of sleeping bags by up to 40 %. The compression sack is used by Husky not only in the Extreme range, but also for regular outdoor sleeping bags.

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06 Zippers – ziplocker

The use of high-quality branded two-way zipppers is standard all Husky sleeping bags. The Extreme range, except the Anapurna sleeping bag, is characterized by diagonal anatomical zipping, which speeds up the comfort of natural movement. All Husky sleeping bags are equipped with a device to prevent spontaneous or unintentional unzipping while you are asleep (see picture).

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07 Slip-resistant strips

The utility value of the Husky Extreme range is also increased by the detail of slip-resistant strips on the part of the sleeping bag that lies on the ground. They protect against the bag spontaneously sliding off sleeping mats and are a really practical detail for sleeping rough in the uneven terrain.

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08 Foot Pouch

The Dawn, Anapurna, Enjoy and Emotion models feature as part of the sleeping bags also a removable insulated pouch for the feet. In extreme winter conditions it forms a second insulated layer for the feet. On the other hand, during hot summer nights it is possible to remove it. It is particularly popular among women who will value the best possible thermal insulation for their feet. Its fill is formed of high-quality Invista Quallofil material.

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09 Hood and a shape

With the exception of the Gizmo and Gala sleeping bags, Husky sleeping bags are anatomically designed in the shape of a “mummy”. This guarantees a higher level of movement comfort in the shoulder area while preserving excellent thermal qualities and keeping the unpacked volume of sleeping bags small. Tightening the opening of the sleeping bag hood (see picture) minimizes heat loss.

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10 Materials

Husky sleeping bags are filled with branded materials from renowned producers. The Husky Extreme range is insulated with the seven-channel fibre Invista Quallofil, including the hollow fibres Thermolite Extreme or Thermolite Micro. The four-channel fibre Invista Hollowfibre is the standard filling material for the Husky Outdoor range. The Down sleeping bag with a fill of 1360g of goose down is the warmest model in the Husky sleeping bag range.