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01 Materials of Husky backpacks

In the production of all backpacks, Husky places the emphasis on the quality of materials used. The main compartments of Husky backpacks are principally made from high-quality Polyester material. The well-tested Bordura (Invista) material is used against abrasion on the most exposed places. Most buckles in our newcomers are fixed to the body of the backpack with Hypalon, a material which is renowned for its durability and resistance to abrasion.

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02 Attachment points

In backpacks too Husky thinks of sophisticated details, which make overall comfort more pleasant. Husky backpacks are equipped with a whole range of buckles and straps so that the user can attach small items of equipment there. Another such is, for example, a simple system for attaching an ice pick (see picture). In short, each part of your equipment will find its place on a Husky backpack

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03 Two-way zippers

The use of branded two-way zippers is a characteristic quality feature of each Husky backpack. It makes possible comfortable two-way handling. In some models a special rubber finish increases waterproofing along the zipper.

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04 Buckles

The quality of branded Duraflex buckles has been proved in practice many times. Their high reliability is the main reason why they are used in the majority of Husky backpaks. Together with Hypalon material (see picture), they will serve you for many years.

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05 Raincover

A pleasant additional feature of Husky backpacks is an integrated raincover to protect the whole backpack against rain, made from high-quality waterproof Polyester. You will find it in a practical pocket on the body of the backpack. In the rain a rubber drawcord makes fast handling with the raincover easier.

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06 Back system

Perhaps the most important part of each backpack is its back system. The basic requirements for its proper functioning are anatomical shaping, ventilation and the possibility of individual adjustment in all directions. These quality requirements are different for various outdoor activities, and therefore Husky offers different back system solutions, which always meet the specific needs of a particular model.

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07 Straps for accessories

Numerous pieces of equipment can be attached not only to the backpack compartment itself, but also you can use buckles on the main anatomically shaped shoulder straps (see picture). Part of the straps is a practical pocket for a mobile phone and advance preparation for a camelbag outlet.

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08 Ventilation

The utility comfort of each back system is significantly influenced by the ventilation system used. Between the backpack and the back of the bearer there must exist an open space, which prevents extended perspiration at high levels of exertion. The high-quality solution to the question of ventilation differs in some models, e.g. in an expedition backpack and a small cycling backpack. Husky places high emphasis on this problem in order to continually improve all its

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09 Waist and chest straps

To facilitate the ideal weight distribution of a full backpack waist and chest straps are used. You will relieve stressed shoulders by their correct adjustment. Part of the chest strap equipment is a practical orange buckle (see picture), which can be used in an emergency as a whistle for calling for help. A useful little thing which can come in handy.

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10 Pocket for MP3 player

A removable waterproof pocket for an MP3 player will please everybody who likes to listen to their favourite music while travelling. Together with other attachments for equipment, it is fixed to the waist strap. Husky really does everything to change long trekking into a pleasant walk.